Gift Vouchers

iiCAPTAIN, give a Skippers Ticket Voucher as a gift.

Heres how to do it:

Make a booking using our easy to use booking system


Tick the box in the GIFT section at the top of the booking form

Enter your own email address

Enter your own mobile phone number

(By providing your own email, you can receive the immediate booking confirmation email directly – keeps it a surprise so that you can choose when to give your gift!)

Enter the Date of Gift (so we know when you will be giving it – and can communicate with the gift recipient after that date)

Now go ahead and choose the course you wish to give as a gift and enter the booking details for the person you will be giving the gift to (the student)

You will need to put a date in the Date of Training field, but don’t worry – this is just a placeholder so that you can make the booking. The gift recipient can change this date to one that suits them after they receive the Gift Voucher