Downloading & Installing Adobe Flash Player

Step 1

Click here to visit the Adobe Flash Website

Step 2

Click the Yellow 'Agree and Install Now' button

Step 3

In the popup Box, select 'Save File'

Step 4

A 'Downloads' Box will appear, and the file will begin to download

Step 5

After the file has finished downloading, Right Click on the file in the 'Downloads' window, and select 'Open'

Step 6

Firefox will ask if you wish to open the Executable File. Select 'Ok'

Step 7

If you ask asked if you wish to run this file, select 'Run'

Step 8

The Flash setup will Begin. If Firefox is still open, you will be asked to close it before the install can be completed

Step 9

Look at the Start Bar across the bottom of your screen, ensure that any Firefox windows are closed - Inlucding the 'Downloads' window

Step 10

Close the Firefox windows by using the red 'cross' icon in the top right hand corner

Step 11

After closing all windows, Return to the Flash Player Setup window, and select 'Try Again'. The install will now proceed. When it is complete, Press Close.

You now have the Latest version of Flash Player installed.

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