About Perth Boat Training

Perth Boat School is one of very few Authorised Providers in WA. It is a family owned business, which has grown to be Australia's largest, operating in all states. It has grown because owner Capt Mike Beanland's insists on giving the boaters what they want. "Don't waste their time, do it right, but make it easy". Easy to book, easy to learn, easy online bookings and payment, emailed notes, SMS and email reminders. Guaranteed EVERY day at all main ramps.

Our trainers are mad keen boaters, they love fishing, many are divers and some are Yachtsmasters also. Ask your trainer whatever you want to.

As an Authorised Provider, audited and accredited, Nationally recognized by AMSA and ASQA we are nothing like the often shonky backyard, unlicenced, uninsured, part time one man operators that offer Skippers Tickets via a 'deal' with an authorized provider. Our trainers are strictly controlled, trained and must do the best thing for students. Always.

Check out our Reviews page to see what past students think.