Marine Radio

Do you need your VHF Marine Radio Licence?

The radio licence names can be a little confusing. 



No need to sit in a classroom for days or evenings, simply study the AMC Marine Radio handbook online or via easy download (below), study it at home, do the practice online quizzes, then come to us and do the easy multiple choice exam – it’s that simple. No need to sit in a class for hours.

  1. Book the Exam you need, using our automated booking system – Book Now
  2. Study the Handbook: RADIO STUDY BOOK
    When you have done the study – test yourself, CLICK THIS LINK TO TRY THE QUIZ.
  3. Come in to do the exam with one of our invigilators.
    We have a trainer available for this at our Woodman Point classroom most days. If the date and time you are wanting to do the assessment is not available in the booking system, email and let us know when you want to do it.
  4. COST: $200 (includes Practical and Theory Assessment plus Office of Maritime Communication charges)