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Skippers Ticket Training, Exams and Assessments.

YOU say when and where – WE dispatch a mobile trainer to you*.

EVERY DAY – Sunrise to Sunset – Anywhere, any boat ramp, any marina*.

DON’T get forced to do it at 9 am on Saturday morning, when the ramps are busy and the jettys are full and its not easy for you to practice, not easy to berth.

Do it ANY day and any time YOU want. So if you want a peaceful relaxing lesson, choose a time when there aren’t many boaters. Choose a weekday, a Sunday or very early before work on a weekday before it gets too hot and windy.

We have more Trainers and Assessors so you can book and we will coordinate it so one will be dispatched to meet you, where and when you want.

2 hours is all you should need if you have studied the Workbook well and can handle your boat safely (it’s NOT a skill test – its more about safety).

How we do it

You arrive at the ramp, meet the trainer, sit on a bench at the waters edge, or even sit on the boat and do the simple multiple choice test. It takes most people 10 or 15 minutes
When you have passed – (and you WILL if you have studied the workbook and read our extra study notes) you launch your boat (assisted by the trainer) or use one of ours and get guided through the practical by our trainer assessor. He will demonstrate, you will practice, and when your training is over, you get assessed.