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Recreational Skippers Ticket COST

All our skippers ticket training packages include:

FREE study book (download it or get a hard copy from any vehicle licensing centre)

FREE theory DVD (from any boating shop BCF etc)

FREE practice online quiz

FREE boat use for training and test

  1. Theory Exam
  2. Practical Exam

It is wise to do at least some practical training – its like a car drivers test so some training will assist you pass. The practical assessment consists of 62 different elements, encompassing more than just how well you can drive a boat. Our practical training will show you exactly what you need to do to pass.

SKIPPERS TICKET STANDARD COMBO $180 (online booking and payment)

$50 for 1 x theory exam

$50 for 1 x practical test

$100 for 1 x hour practical training

$200 TOTAL PRICE (if you pay later)

DEDUCT $20 discount if you book and pay online now.


SPECIAL COMBO $270 ($300 value)

$50 for 1 x theory exam

$50 for 1 x practical test

$200 for 2 x hour practical training

$300 TOTAL PRICE (if you pay later)

DEDUCT $30 discount if you book and pay online now


$________? PRICE MATCH – what do you want…

Tell us what and who to match and we will match it.

The course we match must actually exist, not be an out of date old internet advert of someone who went broke…

We will do the same or better.

Most of the ‘cheapies’ advertised online or in Gumtree etc are part timers doing the RST at one location, once a month, in a large group.

Most arent Authorised Providers, arent Registered Training Organization, arent insured, arent supervised – so we want to save you the hassles that may happen if you go to them – Come to us – We will easily match any of them – same for same what they do, we will do – but we will be better.

If you want the RST ‘where you want, when you want’…..

Only Perth Boat School does ‘where you want, when you want’.

LICENCE TRANSFER – Interstate or Overseas – $80 available 7 days

If you have an Interstate Licence that is accepted by DoT just meet one of our trainers and he will fill in the forms and transfer it for you on the spot and give you an interim WA Skippers Ticket.

“CLICK HERE” to see the names and details of Trainers in your area who will do it – you can also BOOK it using the large red BOOK NOW button in the top right of this page.

NOT an ALL Day Course …. NOT a half day COURSE.

The only reason others take so long is you all sit around talking. Then you need to share the boat with 6 other strangers.

You spend more time at the wheel actually driving the boat with Perth Boat School – and thats what matters.

NO time wasting, do the Theory test in 20 minutes and pass if you have studied the book, watched our free DVD and done our Free practice quiz, do the practical training you need and get your RST.


The ONLY Boat school in WA actually operating EVERY DAY – over 20 trainers for you.

Choose which boat – Ours or Yours.

Use your boat – anywhere* – our mobile trainers can come to you.

Our boats at – Coogee, Mandurah, Rockingham, Maylands, Hillarys, Busselton, Woodman Point

  • NO boring classroom
  • No large group of strangers
  • Daily, 1 on 1, or small group / personalised courses (just ask)
  • instant EASY online automated booking (button up top right)
  • no other boat school gives that to you