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Participants who withdraw from a course prior to receiving any of the course may be entitled to a part refund. For a refund please contact us on 08 6468 2763. Sliding scale refunds are determined by the amount of notice provided. For a full copy of Perth Boat School's Refund Policy, please see our website ( If for any reason the course is canceled by the Perth Boat School after your enrollment, a full refund of fees will be made. Perth Boat School however does not accept any liability for airfares or pre-paid accommodation expenses.


All enrollments will be confirmed in writing before the course starts, giving all details. In the unlikely event not receive confirmation of a course prior to the commencement date, please contact the school immediately.


Whilst a purpose of collecting information that you supply on this form is to process your registration, we also use these details to inform you via sms or email of updates and reminders on your booking, and of issues we believe relevant and of interest to you on boating, marine safety. Items relevant to your qualification may also be sent to you. We will not disclose your private information to a third party. For more details of Perth Boat School's Privacy Policy, please Click this link: PRIVACY POLICY

For further information phone 08 6468 2763 or email
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