Boat Handling

iiCAPTAIN – New boat Owner Course (under 8m)

We regularly do a new boat owners “iiCAPTAIN Course” on request from boat dealers when people buy their first boat.

For these people we show how to launch and retrieve their vessel (pen or trailer) as well as how to park and tie up at a jetty and so forth. You will receive plenty of tips and knowledge about the best ways to have fun on your new boat, so you can have thrills without spills!!

iiCAPTAIN – BIG Boat Handling Course (8m upwards…)

We also regularly go to Yacht clubs, boat pens and moorings, as well as even into the local harbours to do what some call a “Super-yacht Course” but isn’t just for Super-yachts, as it suits all larger vessel owners and skippers and “Captains”.

This is for people moving to larger boats (usually because the new boat is larger than they are used to).

You learn:

Berthing and unberthing and ways to tie up in a pen, at a fuelling jetty and how to get in an out of a riverside restaurant or Dome.

Anchoring, mooring and general handling of your new boat.

We also train your crew (whether it be wife, hubby, spouse, other friends or other family) what to do and what to expect (usually crew need the training more than the skipper). Any boat owner can do this “iiCAPTAIN” course and we will tailor it to you and your boat. Whether your boat is 8m or 28 metres, we have Masters qualified Skipper / Trainers that have been operating boats just like yours for many years – guaranteed. We have more trainers than any other Boat School in WA to call on.

iiCAPTAIN – SHARE Boat partners Course

Many ‘Share Boat’ groups only allow a new boat share partner to take a boat out when one of our trainers has signed a clearance saying what the new share owner is able to do.

Share boat owners don’t want someone to wreck their boat at the start of the holidays or at the start of summer – leaving all families with no boat for the summer.

Safe DOES NOT MEAN a recreational skippers ticket – we all know they don’t mean that a person know how to handle your boat. If your new boat sharer does not have sufficient skills they can damage the shared boat and lose you insurance coverage.

We assist by showing families and share members how to be good skippers AND crew (sometimes its the crew that need more training) – how to park, how to refuel etc…We also do trips to Rotto or Garden Island or Carnac, or even up and down the river day and night to train your share owners.

iiCAPTAIN – ADVANCED boat handling

Advanced iiCAPTAIN courses include boat handling, anchoring, berthing, beaching (only for some boats – if that’s what you want to do) and ‘familiarisation trips’ can be customised to suit your needs. We do these custom courses and familiarisation trips with new boat owners to new locations on an hourly basis. We only use our senior (Master rated and qualified) trainers – all of whom have operated charter boats / ferries / superyachts and so forth with many years experience. These are all professionals, unlike most RST trainers at boat schools who are generally just part timers.


I tend to find that shorter sessions are more effective, with 2 hours optimum and 3 hours being the maximum that a person can focus, before it all starts to blur. We aren’t going out ‘cruising’ for 2 hours, it will be quite focussed, ie berth, berth again, in and out of the pen, upwind to a jetty, downwind, then side on to the wind and so on. Then into the bay for upwind and downwind adjusting trim. Up onto a plane, adjust trim, down speed, adjust, turn, adjust, go a different direction, adjust. You get a lot done in a short time.

Sometimes the most important relevant factor to selecting a suited date can be wind. Some people want to practice in good conditions (low wind) first, then when they have got the technique for coming in and out of the pen perfected – they then move on to doing it when there is a seabreeze or other situation and they can then adjust their technique, having at least laid a good foundation.

When the date/s you have chosen get closer, we can look at the weather forecast and consider the times so as to make it optimally useful to whatever it is you want to focus on first.


For boating training on your own boat with one of our Master Trainers, we do a minimum introductory 3 hours for a charge of just $425 (irrespective how many crew are on your boat).
Thereafter you can book any of the packages available. See pricing on the booking page.
Remember all pricing is per boat and not per person, so bring along your crew (husband, wife, mates etc.) and all be trained at the same time for no additional cost.


iiCAPTAIN Course options can include;

Just let us know what your needs are and we will assist you……


iiCAPTAIN” means “yes”

iiCAPTAIN” is the BEST answer to everything.

iiCAPTAIN” is what a crew says when they understand and will comply with what is needed to be done.