About Perth Boat School

Captain Michael Beanland
Get on board with our training team.
They’re pros with a knack for teaching and a friendly vibe.
They know their stuff, they’re patient, and they’re here to guide you.
With our team you’re not just receiving instruction, you’re gaining the benefit of seasoned professionals dedicated to your success. 

Perth Boat School as a part of Australian Boat Schools and now powered by iiCAPTAIN® was been build from the ground with the purpose of reducing the incidents and deaths of recreational and commercial boaters, by provide industry and each individual with the skills and knowledge needed to excel.

We do this while giving Coxswains and Skippers the most flexible training options in Australia, to have trainers operating 7 days a week, to have online and correspondence theory courses that let people study at home or at work at their own speed with videos and easy ways to study that are not just books”. Our trainers regularly go to Coxswain students boats all around Australia.

Australian Boat Schools provide Skippers Ticket and Coxswains courses along with Professional Skipper Training (Boat Handling) and Skills Assessments around Australia. We are the one and only Authorised Provider, the only Registered Training Organisation (RTO#51850) which is registered with ASQA, the National Training Regulator and an Authorised Provider of the Skippers Ticket and Coxswains certificates local to WA.

Our training team embraces the principle of continuous improvement with enthusiasm. We’re not just upholding an obligation, we’re committed to constantly bettering our methods for your benefit. 

We are
– Registered Training Organisation under ASQA
– Nationally Accredited under AMSA
– NOT operated under some shonky 3rd party rubber stamp with another RTO, like many other Coxswain and Skippers trainers are. We are legally accredited on our own merit and have held our accreditation since 2007 with a perfect record.
– the 1st boat school in Australia authorised to do the AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment and issue Interim Certificates to Coxswain students.

Try us, we make boat training what it should be.

Our Team

Perth Boat School has evolved from being a trusted provider of Skippers Tickets in WA to being trusted by many to provide Radio Licences, Coxswain courses and Boat Handling courses for all levels of skippers Nationally. 

Perth Boat School’s suite of courses have been designed with industry in mind. Designed to cater to workers who don’t want to sit in a classroom for weeks listening to a lecturer, with support and education provided by some of Australia’s most qualified and experienced Captains.

  • We do the most commercial training on boats, on real location, in students’ boats and in regional areas, offshore, on islands etc. and are trusted by more companies than any other provider in WA.


  • We (our team) without a doubt includes some of the most experienced and qualified Professional Commercial Skippers in Australia, with a vast list of boating experience/s. We are a team of Master skippers who have operated their own and other peoples vessels in a professional commercial capacity in almost every conceivable marine industry sector, including marine tourism, commercial fishing, sports, offshore exploration, and owned and run marine commercial enterprises  “down South”, “up North”, “over East”, and Internationally with over 100 years of combined experience. 


  • We have not only operated the boats, but managed boat building factory and built ferries, yachts and even built a charter catamaran. We’ve Managed Yacht clubs, owned and run boat hire businesses, jet boats, parasailing and have skippered and taught the skippers of almost every type of boat and propulsion system imaginable, through all sorts of circumstances, survived sailing through cyclones offshore, including Mike sailing his own Catamaran right through the eye of one, crossed many oceans and done solo sailing as well as many international crewed voyages.


  • Most ‘other’ assessors have only the minimum qualification to be a trainer. Where out team have a variety of skills, knowledge and qualifications, meaning we can cater to what you need more than any other trainer. Most ‘other’ Skippers Ticket assessors are only qualified to be crew on a commercial vessel, We are the Skipper. We train the trainers at many of the other Maritime Training Organisations, because they trust what we do and how we go about it.


  • Our team includes qualified Masters as well as Marine Engineer Driver qualifications and has many international equivalent qualifications including superyacht yacht master offshore, Waterski Instructor and Parasail and Hovercraft Operator. Sailing internationally, racing yachts internationally, delivering and skippering boats nationally and internationally as well as the ocean crossings, commercial and International boating experience coupled with our passion and knowledge make iiCaptain / Perth Boat School / Australian Boat Schools the best option as they can adjust styles to suit your needs.


  • Our team includes the experience of having managed WA’s largest Pearl Farm (& trained it’s skippers), owned and operated Sailsun International,  Dive and Eco charter tours through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and many other places. We’ve skippered and supervised vessel building and it’s operations for a stock market listed exploration company offshore (looking for diamonds off the North Coast of WA) etc etc…..

If you can find another team of assessors who have the experience and expertise that come with having done the hard miles, who have more qualifications and anywhere near the same experience, let us know. We would like to hire them. We only hire the best and we’re always looking for good people to join our team.

*A Captain is not necessarily a Master 1. We have Master 1 Unlimited qualified trainers working for iiCaptain. Captain is just a courtesy name that  Master 1’s sometimes call each other, and want the public to call them, but it is not a real rank or title they hold. Captain is something skippers call you when you are the best. Australian Boat Schools are a team of more real Captains than any other boat school. That’s where iiCAPTAIN came from, because we hear that all the time….. “ii Captain…”

iiCAPTAIN is an internationally registered trademark

“ii” or “aye aye” means “yes” on a boat, so the correct response is always “iiCAPTAIN”.

Our Clients

There is a reason we have over 80 of Australia’s largest companies sending their Coxswains to us, and thats because we make it easy for the HR staff, we make it easy for the students with our course style, and we make it GREAT for bosses as they know that when their workers finish our courses, they don’t just get a piece of paper, the Coxswains KNOW their stuff.

Others may list 5 or 6 big clients – we have over 80.
We train everyone, from small family businesses running tourism, whale-watching or fishing, to abalone divers, aquaculture farms, pearlers or oil and gas and exploration, construction and divers, port authorities and our clients even include almost every government department that has small boats. Now that says something.
We make life easy for people who struggle with academic work because we are all workers, we are all off the boats ourselves, we are not academics (even though we train students from almost every major university, including their professors and research fellows etc). Abalone divers, charter boat crews, super-yacht crews, aquaculture, pearl farms, you name it we go there and train.

You can trust us to give you and your crew the skills you need to achieve your goals

Come and see what we’re all about – Give us the opportunity to prove it