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Skippers Ticket Perth Boat School, WA Australia
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Recreational Skippers Ticket RST

(...WA 'Boat Licence')

It's EASY to Get your Skippers Ticket:

EVERY SINGLE DAY (absolutely any day you want)

AT ANY Boat Ramp You want (really ! - all main ramps in WA)

Trainer Comes to you, where and when suits you.

CHEAPER. Guaranteed - you tell us - we do it. Price Match.

Everyone passes - we keep training you till you pass.

Cheaper the more mates or family you add...Book now then add others later and the price goes down, down down.
Course + test
For more experienced people who are comfortable with boats and really just need a quick demo, a quick practice and then the test
Test only
Just like a Car Drivers Licence. You must pass the Theory test to be allowed to do the Practical. Then for the practical you must do all 11 tasks and 60 elements exactly as the Dept require, or you fail. If you fail, you go away and come again after you have done more practice, to try again. Like a car drivers licence. Or do a standard course where the trainer will demonstrate all tasks, let you practice as much as you need and make sure you know enough to pass. Guaranteed and finished on the same day.
Price Match
How much?
Type the $ amount, then tell us some details, so we can check it, and we will match it. Plus we will give you a better more flexible 7 days a week experience.


1) Make a Booking, using our online Book Now feature.

2) Study for the Theory Exam. We will email you all you need to know for the theory examination. You will need to study the Students Workbook and we suggest trying out our online practice quiz.

    You can also try online quizes at Skippers Ticket Quiz and visit Skippers Ticket EDU for more information regarding the theory exam.

3) Do the theory exam with one of our trainers at a location that suit you. 

4) Practical. After you have passed the theory exam, one of our highly experienced trainser will take you out for your practical assesment.

Easy - the trainer will demonstrate each task, then help you to practise. You will get as much practice and assistance as you need - until you are good enough to pass.

Get your Skippers Ticket on the spot and you can immediately go boating.

90 minutes in total for most people. More time if you needed, as long as it takes. We focus on boating, not theory.

Use a Trainers Boat or your Own Boat.  

We do it 7 days a week, so you can avoid the saturday morning madness. Ramps are at their WORST 8am to 10am, so we allow you to start anytime from 6am, till dark, 7 days a week.

CHOOSE ANY OTHER DAY, and ANY TIME, a time when it is calm and relaxed. After work perhaps, or sunup, or just before sunset when it is calm. We do it 7 days, every day, sunup till dark. 

YOU ONLY NEED to find 2 HOURS...why not make it early, or late afternoon - ANY weekday, if you want to keep the weekend free.

Any day on the weekend too - just book - you decide, you order and we dispatch a trainer.


We wont waste half your day reading the workbook to you - we know you can read it at home. You can watch our free DVD, you can do our online practise questions on our website. When you meet the trainer we will explain anything you dont understand (just ask), but we think you want to get in the boat and spend more time learning boat handling, not sitting in a classroom doing theory.

We wont put you in a boat jam packed full of strangers, others do that to make as much $ as fast as possible. Not us.

We wont give up until you have learned to drive the boat, and got your skippers ticket. You will be surprised how easy it is !

We wont have a problem if you want to change the date, or the time, its easy because we have a professional booking system

We wont force you to do it at peak traffic time at a ramp on Saturday morning. Only the part time amateurs who have other weekday jobs will try and do this to you. Imagine doing your car drivers licence at peak traffic time ?! We will let you do it at your leisure any day and any time you want. Many people do it after work even - no problems in the evenings.

  • Order a trainer using the automatic booking system - the button is top right. Its not an enquiry form like the others have, its a fully automated professional online bookings system - like the Airlines. You will get an email reply to your booking with confirmation, trainers name and number, extra study notes, forms and all the details, instructions and information you need. Its easy, Click BOOKING (top right #1 button to start your quick and easy Skippers Ticket.
  • Easy secure payment options (1)  via Secure CBA / eWay system online or (2) pay by phone or (3) cash on the day if you want...
  • The online booking system dispatches mobile trainers to you 24/7. You just tell the booking system when and where YOU want to do it - and a trainer will be dispatched to you - Automatically. For any day, time and location you choose.
  • MORE OPTIONS for you than any boat school in Australia. You can do the BEST fully comprehensive course in WA  OR  the CHEAPEST fastrack expert option in WA  OR  a Group Special - just use the automated Booking System to choose what YOU want. 
  • GIFT VOUCHERS (just make a booking and write 'Voucher' in notes and we will send you a voucher via email for you to print. Use your email if you dont want the person to get any emails from us - but book it in their name)
  • Extra Boat Handling and Advanced Superyacht crew or even Commercial and Radio Licences - we do them all.
  • Want a trainer on board your first trip up the river? Or off to Rotto? Avoid the convoy, go when you want in private with a qualified Trainer to assist you. With more trainers than anyone else in Australia, we can do whatever you want, because thats what we do. And we love it.
  • AFTER WORK weekdays also - start by 5 and you can have your RST by 7pm even.


  • This is the ONLY Boat School in WA Nationally Accredited, audited, insured, qualified and carrying out both Recreational and Commercial courses all around Australia. Almost EVERY "other" Skippers Ticket advert you will find out there on the internet is a NON-Authorised Provider, NOT a professional Authorised and Nationally Audited Registered Training Organisation. Most are just part time sub-contractors. We do this 7 days a week, you WILL get the best training and we will still price match all of their CHEAPIE offers. Because we want to make sure you get the best. Thats why we are doing this.

WA Family owned and operated, Ethical, Environmental and friendly !!!


Do a course with us and we GUARANTEE

we will train you till you PASS. read-more


Skippers Ticket (boat licence) courses 7 days a week, done in around 90 minutes, everyone passes, mobile assessors come to you. Instant online booking now.

Skippers Ticket lessons DAILY...
mobile trainers are on standby 7 days

*...we WILL fit you in, (Sat mornings /   Summer Holidays need a little flexibility...)

Use YOUR boat ANYTIME - at  your ramp, your club, marina, pen, where and when you want... Automated computerised INSTANT Skippers Ticket BOOKING click here now)

FAST TRACK programme - 60 to 90 minutes to do Skippers Ticket if you know your stuff, if you dont the trainer will work with you as long as it takes to help you to reach the standard needed to pass.

GUARANTEED trainers available EVERY DAY,
GUARANTEED 100% of our students have passed, You WILL pass - guaranteed. (no matter how bad you are at the Practical, we will work with you as long as it takes to assist you to get to the pass standard. Of course - you need to make a reasonable effort!!!). You NEED to study the Workbook also.

Use OUR boats at Coogee, Maylands, Mandurah, Rockingham, Hillarys, Busselton, Bunbury. (Just Book using the instant computerised Skippers Ticket BOOKINGsystem).

Book your Skippers Ticket (WA boat licence) training / exam online NOW and you will receive some extra study notes and booking confirmation by email. You simply study the FREE Workbook, then meet your trainer at the place you booked at the time you booked...



BEGINNERS Skippers Ticket programme - (look for the Platinum Course in our booking system) and boat handling lessons as well as the RST exams and assessments 7 days a week at locations of your choice, at times suiting you*. Faster and better than any other boat school as we do it one-on-one you need less time. Training and theory and practical and exam and you are finished in less than 3 hours. ( easy online booking



  1. Book online now. No 'set' classes - you TELL us where and when you want to do your Skippers Ticket (boat drivers licence) - and we will be there. We have many mobile trainers, so we will get one to you - Guaranteed.
  2. Study the Skippers Ticket Workbook (FREE - Click the Workbook on the left to download a .PDF, or click the one at the top to find out where to get a FREE hard copy
  3. Meet the assessor / trainer at the boat ramp at the time you booked, do the DoT paperwork and the theory exam at the waters edge, or on the boat. Then do the practical in the boat. Most people can finish in 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Skippers Ticket WORKBOOKS

FREE copy of the Skipppers Ticket Workbook

mailed to you just call the RST Hotline on 9216 8966 or

email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You can also download the Skippers Ticket Workbook by clicking on the image of the Skippers Ticket workbook below.

The Skippers Ticket Workbook is designed for home study.
The Skippers Ticket is the WA 'Boat Drivers Licence'.

Book an Exam time and date with us, then get the Skippers Ticket Workbook and study it.

It will only take a few hours over a few evenings at home to study the Skippers Ticket Workbook and you should be able to pass the 30 multiple choice questions we will give you in less than 20 minutes. Many couples or families do it together - (discount for 3 or more in a group).

Most people who study the Skippers Ticket Workbook pass on their first try. If you dont pass, we go over the areas you failed in, and give you a second Skippers Ticket exam. Fail that and hope is not lost, many of us havent done an exam for many many years and make simple mistakes. Again we go over and review areas you missed (each exam is different) and let you try again. There are 4 different Skippers Ticket exam booklets, and we will let you do all 5 for no extra cost. FIVE TRIES - at no extra cost !!!!! Other boat schools charge you extra if you fail one exam and they have to give you another. With Perth Boat School, it is one fixed cost, and you WILL get your Skippers Ticket, no matter how long you take, we will ensure you get there in the end.

After you have passed the Skippers Ticket Theory exam, you do the Skippers Ticket Practical Assessment.

The Skippers Ticket Practical Assessment is also covered in the Skippers Ticket Workbook - take a look right at the back. You have to know pg 95 fairly well. But dont worry, we will take you through each of the 11 tasks, one at a time, training you to do it, revising where necessary, then assessing you. You WILL pass your theory exam, evetually, no matter how bad you are, we will train you and work with you till you are at the standard for the Skippers Ticket as set by the Department of Transport.